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ICRT_Podcast-Intro_December 2013 ---- Section break ---- 10AM Easy EZ News Intro Good morning. It's 10 o'clock. I'm ______ and it's time for Easy EZ News on ICRT. ---- T*Taiex First Taiwan news... The Tai-Ex opened up 16-points this morning from yesterday's close, at 10,564 on turnover of 2.2-billion N-T. The market closed down Wednesday to below the 10,552-point mark following a sharp decline on Wall Street overnight. ---- T*Cabinet to resign today The out-going Cabinet is resigning en-masse today - ahead of the swearing-in tomorrow of Premier-designate William Lai and his new Cabinet. Lai has confirmed that acting (代理) Economics Minister Shen Rong-jin will become his economics minister, and and Lin Feng-zheng, an advisor to the National Security Council (國安會), will chair the Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee. Confirmation of the two appointments comes as Lai continues to meet with senior government officials as he seeks to finalize his new Cabinet (內閣人事定案). According to Lai, National Development Council deputy chief Gong Ming-xin will serve as deputy economics minister, while Taiwan Institute of Economic Research Vice President Qiu Jun-rong will move to the N-D-C post vacated (空出來) by Gong. - ---- T*Vietnam on fatal incident Vietnam has instructed its economic and cultural office here in Taiwan to ensure authorities carryout a thorough investigation (確保政府單位有徹底調查) into the shooting death of a Vietnamese worker. Runaway migrant worker Nguyen Quoc Phi was shot by police on August 31-st in Hsinchu County. The 27-year-old allegedly attacked a police office who tried to detain him for theft and vandalism and then tried to steal their police car. The officer at the scene fired nine shots at Nguyen, who was pronounced dead on arrival at a near-by hospital. Vietnamese migrant workers protested in front of the National Police Agency in Taipei on Monday calling for surveillance footage (監視錄影帶) or other images of the shooting to be made public to determine if police used excessive police force. ---- T*Ministry of Science and Technology Officials of the Ministry of Science and Technology are leading a group of 24 international researchers, scientists and experts to Taiwan's Taiping Island in the South China Sea. The international team includes marine geology (海洋地質) and tectonics (板塊結構) experts, climate change experts and meteorologists (氣象學家). The director general of the ministry's Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development (自然科學及永續研究發展司) says the visit is the first by an international team to jointly plan future scientific research in the area with local researchers. ---- Irma .. Turning to international news this hour ..... Hurricane Irma has howled (狂嘯) past Puerto Rico after thrashing several smaller Caribbean islands with roof-ripping winds, drenching rains and pounding surf. At least four people were reported killed on four different islands by Irma -- which weather forecasters have described as a "potentially catastrophic" Category 5 storm. The dual-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda was especially hard hit - with Barbuda, which is home to roughly 1,700 people, seeing 90-per cent of all dwellings there leveled. Irma is packing sustained winds of 300-kilometers-an-hour and is on track to reach the U.S. state of Florida on Saturday or Sunday. ---- N. Korea .. U-S President Donald Trump is warning that Washington will no longer tolerate North Korea’s actions - but says the use of military force against Pyongyang will not be his "first choice." According to the White House, Trump and China's President Xi Jin-ping are committed to taking further action with the goal of achieving the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula (目標是朝鮮半島非核化). Trump told reporters Wednesday, that President Xi agrees with him 100-per cent on the need for more action to stem Pyongyang's nuclear aspirations (核武野心). ---- UK ... Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May has called on lawmakers to support legislation to sever (切斷) political, financial and legal ties with the European Union. The repeal bill is (廢止法案) central to the government’s plan to exit the bloc in 2019. It will untangle (解開束縛) Britain from more than 40 years of E-U lawmaking and repealing the treaty that first made Britain a member in 1972. Lawmakers will start debating the "main principles" of the bill later today. And a final vote is expected on Monday. ---- Spain .. Catalonias's parliament has voted to hold an independence referendum on October 1-st -- setting up a clash with the Spanish government (必然會跟西班牙中央政府衝突) that has vowed to stop what it says will be an illegal vote. A majority of lawmakers voted for the referendum and the legal framework to set up a new state - under which the assembly would declare independence within 48 hours of a "yes" vote. Polls in the northeastern region show support for self-rule waning (消退) as Spain’s economy improves. But the majority of Catalans do want the opportunity to vote on whether to split from Spain (與西班牙分離). ---- WEATHER AM ..... Looking at the weather across Taiwan ... Partly cloudy skies with occasional afternoon thundershowers in the north and south, Mostly cloudy skies with occasional showers in the center, And partly clear skies in the east. Current Temperatures .... Taipei -- 32 Taichung -- 32 Gaoxiong -- 31 Hualien -- 30 ---- 10AM Easy EZ News Outro That's it for Easy EZ News today. Check in again tomorrow for our simplified version of the news, uploaded every day in the afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your day, I'm ____. ----
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